Brake Cleaner, Penetrating, Silicone, Motor Cleaner, Carburetor Cleaner, Air Conditioning,...

  • Brake Cleaner

    Highly special cleaning agent with intensive cleaning effect for oily and greasy machine parts, disc brakes and brake parts, such as brake choke, plates and clutch linings. Ideal as a cleaning agent for industry and trade, for repairs and assembly.

    - Optimum cleaning effect within a short space of time
    - Works without leaving any residues
    - Removes even hardened lubricants
    - Not corrosive and does not attack rubber or plastic parts

    500 ml.

  • Penetrating Oil

    Well- established lubricant and rust remover. Penetrating oil solves effortlessly and fast, many problems with servicing, repairs, maintenance and production.

    - Unfastening rust screwed joints, nuts and bolts
    - Offering lasting production from corrosion
    - Greasing sliding surfaces
    - Removing squeaking and creaking noises
    - Cleaning brake linkages, Bowden cables and chains of all sorts

    400 ml.

  • Chain Spray

    The use of chain sprey allows a long-term internal external lubrication of bearings, gear mechanisms, roller and ball bearings, O-rings seals and all sorts of joints clutches, chains and wire cables.

    - Resistant to temperatures ranging from -40˚C to +150˚C
    - Excellent corrosion protection, water-repellent and economics
    - Displaces moisture, does not drip or smear
    - Produces a smooth and quite running

    400 ml.

  • MSS Multi Super Spray

    It can be used for chains, open gears, bearings, cogwheels, vehicle door, hinges, locks, rails, joints and nuts, steering gear joints etc.

    - Endure the high pressure
    - Well penetrating characteristics
    - Long lasting
    - Effective lubricant
    - Anti-corrosion

    500 ml.

  • Silicone Spray

    Fat-free lubricant, protective and parting agent as well as conditioner for plastics, wood, rubber and metals. Clean lubricating film that is not hardening. High resistance to temperatures. Protects from oxidation and corrosion, water-repellent.

    - Prevents the accumulation of adhesive residues on presses and guides
    - Prevents goods from adhering to conveyor belts, guide ways and slides
    - Keeps rubber parts in good condition, they do not freeze
    - Makes sunroof and seat rails slide more easily

    500 ml.

  • Motor Cleaner Spray

    Provide cleaning of engine, engine block and machine parts from burnt oil and dirt. Prevents corrosion and oxidation of the engine block. Does not harm the environment.

    - After thoroughly shake the box compress from a distance of 20 cm to the dirty surface and wait for penetrate
    - Then wash with water
    - For extremely dirty surfaces repeat the operation several times

    500 ml.

  • Cockpit Spray

    Cleans, polishes and preserves dashboards, rubber, plastic, wood, leather and synthetic parts in interior of cars (e.g. cockpits, rubber, mats and vinyl roofs)

    - Cockpit spray is dust-repellent and silicon free
    - Makes synthetic material last longer
    - Protects from dirt, frictional electricity and moisture
    - Makes parts that have been treated appear as new
    - Gives protection from ultra-violet radiation and spreads a pleasant smell in the car.

    500 ml.

  • Carburetor Cleaner

    A special blend of cleaning agents formulated to give effective cleaning of both the interior and exterior of carburetor. Can also be used clean Butterfly Throttle Valves and Idle Speed Actuators. Because carburetor cleaner is formulated with added lubricant it will also lubricate any moving parts which have been cleaned.

    - Ideal as a cleaning agent for industry and trade
    - For repairs, assembly and routine maintenance
    - Removes all oil, grease and fuel residues

    500 ml.

  • Glass Cleaning Water


    Cleans your car glass the pollution of oil, powder, mud, insect, air and traffic conditions. Prevent the freezing of wiper system water, provides clarity by increasing visibility, suitable for dyes, tires etc.

    500 ml - 250 ml


  • Air Conditioning Spray

    Air Conditioning Cleaning Foam is a high quality product based on water and additives. The product cleans all kind of air-conditioning systems (car,houses,offices etc.) Due to the special ingredients the foam forming and cleaning properties are excellent. After the foam has disappeared, a clean surface remains.

    - Air conditioning cleaner is only use to clean air-conditioning
    - Cleaning properties by detergents against all pollutions
    - Deodorizes and prevents the formation of unpleasant odours

    500 ml.

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