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  • PN 2038

    Diesel Injection System Cleaner

    Powerful, non-agressive cleaner restoring the entire diesel injection system to good working order in just a few minutes using the A8 Plus or similar machines.



    • Cleans fuel pumps.
    • Releases and cleans injectors.
    • Removes oil carbon deposits from combustion chambers, together with gums and varnishes.
    • Ideal for direct injection.


    Solves the following problems:

    • Difficult starting.
    • Excessive exhaust fumes.
    • Injector chatter.
    • Knocking and sluggish acceleration.
    • Excessive consumption.
    • Reduces harmful gases by to up 60%.
    • Prevents premature replacement of injectors,
    • injection pump, etc...



    Pour the contents of one can into the tank of the machine and not into the vehicle tank because this product is not an additive. Disconnect the fuel intake and return pipes and connect them to the machine following the instructions of the machine manufacturer. Start the engine and run at different speeds, sucking up the product until the contents are exhaused. Reconnect the pipes. If necessary, conduct another exhaust gas analysis after treatment.

    500 ml. - 5 lt.


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