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  • PN 2037

    Petrol Injection System and Valve Cleaner

    Petrol additive developped through the very latest technology. Suitable for leaded or unleaded petrol. Inert for catalytic silencers.



    •Quickly cleans or keeps clean the injection and inlet system, especially injectors and valves.
    • Restores injectors to good working order
    • Fuel delivery and atomization.


    Solves the following problems;

    • Difficult starting
    • Irregular idling
    • Sluggish pick-up
    • Allows good carbon monoxide adjustment
    • Saves fuel
    • Optimizes engine performance



    Pour the contents of one can into the petrol tank. 300 ml treats up to 60 l of fuel. As a preventive measure : add to tank evey 5000 km. As a curative measure : add to tank on two consecutive fill-ups.

    300 ml.


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