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  • PN 2024

    Internal Engine Cleaner

    Consists of products capable of dissolving tenacious crankcase deposits and black sludges, placing them in suspension in the oil, so that they are removed when draining the oil off.



    • Dissolves and suspends hardened deposits on hot engine parts such as the piston ring groove base, and on cold parts such as the cylinder head cover and sump.
    • Prevents mechanical damage to the engine and premature engine wear caused by deposits and sludge following incomplete lubrification.



    Before changing the oil, pour the contents of a box of Internal Engine Cleaner into the sump with the engine still hot. One box is enough for up to 4 litres of oil by volume. Double the dose for greater volumes. Allow the engine to idle for between 5 and 10 minutes. Drain the oil form the sump while it is still hot. Change the oil filter before topping up again with fresh oil. Ideally, the treatment should be repeated before every oil change.

    300 ml.


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