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  • INIUT 200

    Full Otomatik Air Conditioning Gas Filling Device

    A new technology developed by Inuit to provide a high recovery of the gas refilling. Increase 15-20% of used gas recovery and guaranteed the purity of the recycled gas. With the SANIFLUX property prevents bad odors occured in your car cause of air conditioning and cleans germs and bacteria in the car.


    - Recovery
    - Recycling
    - Used oil excretıon
    - Smart vacuum
    - New oil fıllıng
    - Leakage test
    - Servıce alarm: Audible and visual for filters and changeable parts.
    - Tank heater: Automatic
    - Sensor: For tank temperature

    GAS FILLING MANAGEMENT: Through that function user compose the carry out operation archieve.
    INTEGRATED DIAGNOSIS KIT: Checking the air conditioning system.
    OPERATOR CODE: Technician, prevent personnels who are not authorized to use the machine, with create a password.
    AS STANDARD EQUIPMENT THE BASIC DATA BASE: All vehicles gas filling quantities present as standard.
    Wide LCD SCREEN.
    Inside 22 liters capacity of RESERVOIR.
    THERMAL PRINTER: Full automatic printer, for printing the process at end of the operation.


    Refrigerant type: R134a
    Service procedure: Full automatic or manuel.
    Voltage: 220V-240V 50/60 Hz
    Resolution degree: 10 gr
    Oil resolution degree: 5 gr
    Working temperature range: 11/49 oC
    Filter system: for humidity and acidity 2 filter.
    Vacuum pump: 115 L/min. capacity, 0.1 mbar vacuum.
    Sealed compressor: 12cc, high pressure.
    Capability to win again: Liquid phase 300g/min.
    Bottle of refrigerant: 22 L, refilling.
    Hose: 3 m
    Sizes: 55x60x105 cm
    Weight: 90 kg.

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