• FDT 4000

    Onboard Brake Disc Lathe Machine

    FDT 4000 Onboard Brake Disc Lathe Machine designed to remove scratches, wear and deformations observed in brake discs in time and provide longer lifetime for them. Use with lathing instead of changing... Details
  • KTM - 1000

    Automec Drum Lathe Machine

    Automec Drum Lathe Machıne, produced for turning drums between 150-400 mm. by OSM Automotive guarantee. Details
  • FHC - 100

    Hydraulic Brake and Air Reception Device

    Coming Soon... Details
  • INIUT 200
    Full Otomatik Air Conditioning Gas Filling Device
    A new technology developed by Inuit to provide a high recovery of the gas refilling. Increase 15-20% of used gas recovery and guaranteed the purity of the recycled gas. With the SANIFLUX property prevents bad odors occured in your car cause of air conditioning and cleans germs and bacteria in the car.... Details
  • ETM 2000

    Fuel System Cleaning Device

    The device of Automec designed as a longevous, reliable, versatile and effective machine. Automec designed machinal and electronıc for testing and cleaning simultaneously both diesel engines and gasoline engines including TDI, HDI and COMMON RAIL engines.  Details
  • Extension Wrench
    ''Extension Wrench 3/8 - 1/4 ''
    1/4" and 3/8" extension wrench developed for tighten and loosen the bolts and nuts which are at hard to reach areas. When using put one end on suitable socket wrench, the other end connects to a extension wrench. Details
  • Sprays

    OSM Otomotiv - Automec Sprays

    Brake Cleaner Spray, Penetrating Spray, Chain, Mms Multi Super Spray, Silicone Spray, Motor Cleaner Spray, Cockpit Spray, Carburetor Cleaner, Air Conditioning Spray, vs... Details

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OSM Automotive Consumables Industry and Trade Ltd. Co., as established in 2002, offers high quality products to Turkey market by the dealers in a way of friendship.


  • Automec Engine Cleaning

    Automec air gun for cleaning works with compressor air between 4.5 bar and 9 bars...


  • Automec Cleaning Gun

    Automec air gun for cleaning works with compressor air between 4.5 bar and 9 bars...


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