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  • FDT - 4000

    Onboard Brake Disc Lathe Machine

    FDT 4000
    Onboard Brake Disc Lathe Machine designed to remove scratches, wear and deformations observed in brake discs in time and provide longer lifetime for them. Use with lathing instead of changing your old brake disc lathe, both economic gain and contrary to popular belief provide more safer travel. Because old brake disc lathes used within exposure to high heat and pressure and with that high heat and pressure metal becomes harder. If brake disc lathes have the manufacturer stands, reuse with lathing is safe and economic choice both for you and your vehicle.

    FDT  4000 Brake Disc Lathe Machine has been desinged to allow the user to mount the turner on the vehicle easily and complete lathe in the shortest time and most effective manner. The advantage of applying turning process on your vehicle without dismounting the disc is that it allows turning without impairing the wheel balance. Also Turning on the moment you need to be able to very easily turning operation without wasting time. Quality diamond tips and with the turning setting which is provide to fine-tune, you can turning as thin as 0.004 mm. Also through the alarm on it during the process of turning you can interested in other jobs. Because when the lathin operation finish our machine stop automatically and warn you loudly.

    Offered by OSM Automotive service and warranty, FDT 4000 Brake Disc Lathe Machine add your service high efficiency and customer satisfaction.


    Max. Thickness of   Disks:      1-5 / 8 " ( 42 mm ) / p>
    Max. Diameter of  Disks:  13-1/ 2 "  (341 mm)
    Weight: 49 kg
    Engine:  1 / 4 Hp,  110-220V, 50/60 Hz



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