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  • ETM 1500

    Fuel System Cleaning Device

    The device of Automec designed as a longevous, reliable, versatile and effective machine. Automec designed machinal and electronıc for testing and cleaning simultaneously both diesel engines and gasoline engines including TDI, HDI and COMMON RAIL engines.

    Automec products are the most advanced products of the market. Produced with the lastest tecnology and adapted as modern fuel diversity whıch ıs using at market compatible all the fuel types, not leave any waste at engine, without damaging the engine and catalyst effectively cleaning all the carbon waste, pitch and the other wastes in the combustion chamber and increase the performance of engıne.The effect of moistening provide resolved the dirt and throw as small particles with the way of exhaust . Sediments which can not be thrown through the exhaust, accumulating in the machine's filter.

    When you use the Automec digital fuel system machine provides the following benefits:

    - Reduction in fuel consumption,
    - Increasing in capacity of vehicle,
    - Renewal in gas emissions,
    - Reduction in exhaust emission,
    - Increasing performance of engine,
    - Recovery of corrupted idling speed and misfire
    - Excellent work of your car.


    • Model: ETM 1500
    • Voltage-12 V.D.C-16 A. Fix to car battery.
    • One pressure pump using for gasoline or diesel engines.
    • One 12 V.D.C-16 A. 3300d/min.
    • The full link titles and injection system hose and record set.
    • Circuits' electronic control panel.
    • For the gasoline and diesel operations 10 bar pressure gauge.(use 0.8 bar for diesels)
    • One gasoline return tap.
    • Digital panel for diesel and gasoline to see the operations.
    • 40 dba sound-light alarm.
    • One independent indicator to see the number of elapsed time and cleaning.
    • One pressure setting button.(Regulator)
    • One filter(in the machine)
    • For diesel or gasoline independent pressure and for recyling spiral hose.
    • Battery connection cable.
    • Sizes: Height: 1100mm Lenght: 440mm Width: 300mm.
    • Weight: 25kg.


    Cleans all of the diesel and gasoline engines without damaging any parts;

    - Mechanic injection,
    - Single-point electronic injection,
    - Multi-point electronic injection,
    - TDI,HDI,CDI,JTD,CRDI,DTI and COMMON RAIL electronic systems,
    - Direct gasoline injection systems,
    - Automatic pump vehicles,
    - Carbureted vehicles,
    - Cleans electrical or spare pump engines.



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